Joatinga is one of the most beautiful and secret places in Rio. Located between the South and West Zone of Rio, at the Joá neighborhood, it is secret even for most of brazilian tourists. Cariocas go there to avoid the crowd of the main beaches, to have fun with them dogs and to surf. The sense of “freedom” is bigger there.

There are some obstacles before having fun in Joatinga. It is mostly reachable by car, and the driver has to know where he is going because it is located inside one restricted residential area. Another problem is the tide, specially in the winter, you should carefully know the tide schedule before going there, otherwise, you wont see sand. The third problem is the crowd. As you can see by the pictures, the sand area is small, so dont need a lot of people to get the beach full. The advice is going early, specially on the weekends.

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