Favela Walking Tour

A very interesting, different and informal tour into the Favela of Cantagalo, for those who want to know about the life and the environment of a brazilian slum. We ride with a local friend, sympathetic and smiling, Fabiano. Born and raised in the community, he can answer any questions about the place and the lives of residents, in addition of being an expert of the area.

We begin with a 360 degree view of the Favela, for a brief introduction and notion of Cantagalo, then we will be walking and showing to you the local reality, the arts painted in several places, the works aimed at improving it. Then we turn to a large building of several social projects, from schools to young children, culture projects up social projects of various sports, including the martial arts and surfing. We show a strong feature of the Community, which is quite value the athletes from it, showing pride and respect with which already succeeded in their fields and came from Cantagalo.

We end with a short 5 minutes trail, for another spectacular view of Rio de Janeiro, specially to the Lagoon Rodrigo de Freitas and the south zone.  Unforgettable experience!