Rio Experience Tour

On this tour, as the name already says, you will have a complete experience of the lifestyle in Rio de Janeiro, making a trail with a spectacular visual, going to an amazing beach, hidden and almost deserted in the middle of the city and ending in a sensational landscape view in the forest!

We have two options of trails for your choice in this tour: Dois Irmaos OR Pedra Bonita, the two are easy level trails, with different views from each other and wonderful.

In the Two Brothers, the highlights are the experience of riding a van untill the top of Vidigal favela, knowing the community environment and as this mountain is lower than other, has a very detailed view of the South Zone of Rio, which is fascinating. The track lasts about 45 minutes climb up to the top.

 The Pedra Bonita trail stands out for, besides being a very fast track (about 20 minutes of hikking up to the top), has a view of almost 360 degrees of the city. You can see the South and West zones , in addition to part of the North Zone and the curious views of Pedra da Gavea. Amazing!

 Following the tour, we go to the Joatinga Beach, a small secret beach even for many who live in Rio. Favorite beach of many locals, it is located within a residential condominium in the woods, making the complicated access to most tourists . It stands out for its unique beauty and the sense of privacy and freedom, since it is away from the crowds. Definitely an unique place and one of the most beautiful and special spots in Rio.

 We finished going by car, to a place in the middle of Tijuca Forest called Chinese View. Named due to Chinese workers who lived in the vicinity of the site in the nineteenth century, the view offers a different and beautiful look of the city from the point view of the forest. Unmissable!