Rio Wild Beaches

We are going to the favorites beaches of many Cariocas: “Grumari”, “Joatinga” and “Prainha”. Believe or not, there are a lot of brazilians and even cariocas that never been to these beaches. So, imagine tourists?

The fact of Joatinga and Prainha are much less crowded than Copacabana and Ipanema beach is already one reason for Locals to prefer them. But the closer contact with nature and the extremely hidden beauty of them, are the main reasons.

Also, near to Prainha, we will go to an amazing natural pool, called “Secreto”. It is a natural swimming pool, located between the beaches of Macumba and Prainha, formed among the rocks. Very few people know the Secreot, as the name suggests, because to get there we have to stop on the access road to Prainha, make a small trail of 5 minutes and then another five minutes to go down the pool. An amazing and unique place in the city!

Those places are just reachable by car and even by car it is not easy to arrive. We have to check the Tide schedule before to decide which one we will go first.