Secreto is a wonderful natural pool localized near Prainha at the west zone of Rio. Natural pools are always pretty, specially when is located near another beautiful place like Prainha.

Enjoying there is not so easy. It depends on the tide and the waves. The access is on the road that connects the beach from Macumba to Prainha and after 5 minutes of walking, you can see it. However to go down to the Secreto, it is necessary to be very careful and highly recommended to go with someone who knows the way, to be able to go down and then climb, safely!

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A Praia do Secreto, localizada entre a Praia da Macumba e a Prainha, é uma piscina natural no meio da cidade do Rio de Janeiro. É um dos picos conhecidos apenas pelos locais, considerado uma joia na Zona Oeste do Rio.

Praia do Secreto Rio de Janeiro

Praia do Secreto - Rio de Janeiro